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Love Languages!

What is your Love Language?

Crushing Hard!

Crushes are never a good idea ..

Dear Straight People!

Let's get this straight ...

Funeral Or Break-Up

In this episode we hear from Becky and several of our other listeners. We also learn if funerals come before break-ups.

Help Becky Cum; Relationship Problems - Part 2

Is cheating on your partner really that bad? On this episode we continue to talk about problems faced in a relationship. We also find ways to help Becky cum.

Relationship Problems - Part 1

Does sexual chemistry really matter in a relationship? On this episode we talk about 5 problems faced in most, if not all relationships.

Making Friends As Adults

On this episode we talk about the struggles of making friends as adults, our expectations at this point in our lives and boundaries we think all friendships must have, plus more. We hope you guys enjoy :)

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